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Over 5 Million Titles Sold in Bulk

About BookPal

BookPal is a Southern California-based enterprise book seller, serving the needs of schools, businesses and government entities. BookPal caters to the unique needs of bulk buyers with simple and efficient quantity pricing, ordering and delivery, and customization services.

With a catalog of more than 3 million titles, the company sells bulk books and e-books throughout the United States. Bulk bookselling is a thriving segment of the e-commerce industry with specific needs that aren’t met by leading book retailers, and BookPal occupies this niche with a robust selection of both hard copy and e-book titles.

Products and Services

Bulk Books & eBooks

Whether it’s 25 novels for a classroom or 10,000 e-books for a corporate giveaway, BookPal caters to every need, offering bulk buyers an expansive catalogue in both hard copy and e-book formats. A newly launched Bargain Books section also offers a discount of up to 80 percent off and is ideal for customers who are looking to purchase a large amount of books for a reasonable price. E-books are provided in the industry standard e-pub format with Adobe DRM, meaning BookPal’s e-books are compatible with a majority of standard devices. In addition, BookPal provides a free BookPal Reader App for iOS and Android devices that connects directly to a BookPal account, so that recipients can redeem their e-books and access their own BookPal cloud library.

eBook Redemption Code Management

Upon purchase, customers receive a unique alpha-numeric redemption code for each e-book copy purchased. This allows customers to easily print, email and administer the distribution of their e-book copies.

Simple Ordering & Delivery Options

BookPal’s dynamic pricing capabilities offer instant no-obligation quotes from its tiered pricing schedule. Customers can order by phone, fax, email or online and pay with credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, ACH payments or a purchase order (on approved credit). BookPal can ship multiple titles in the same delivery within five to 10 days. Expedited shipping is also available.

The BookPal Foundation

The BookPal Foundation provides resources and support for programs that promote reading and literacy by donating books and offering special discounts to nonprofit organizations.

Customization Services

BookPal’s customization services cater to customers who would like to personalize their order. BookPal can add logos, foil stamps, special insert pages, stickers, book bands and more.