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Over 5 Million Titles Sold in Bulk

eBooks in Bulk

BookPal’s new eBooks platform provides a simple bulk eBook distribution platform for corporate, educational and government customers. We have simplified the process of buying and distributing 10 copies of an eBook — or even 10,000! —into a single checkout process. BookPal can integrate wholesale orders of eBooks with orders of physical books (an advantage that only we offer)!

Whether you need to distribute e-books to your employees or would like to offer e-books as a premium at events, BookPal’s new e-book program is the most efficient way to acquire and distribute large quantities of a single eBook title. You can search our site for the e-book you need. If you are unable to find the title on our website and are interested in purchasing 10 or more copies, please contact our sales team for assistance. A number of e-books are available to us “on demand,” so we may be able to load the title to our site within one to two weeks of the request. We will let you know as soon as possible if a title is unavailable.

When you buy bulk eBooks, you will receive a unique redemption code that can be distributed by email or via printed cards. Each recipient simply needs to visit and enter his or her eBook redemption code, or download the BookPal Reader App to redeem a copy of the selected title. BookPal’s e-books can be read and used on a range of iOS, Android and reading devices, as well as computers.

E-books are not available for resale.